Virginia's Gallery
Creations of Virginia T. Gailey & Landen Gailey
"I like to use shells,.
common pebbles, fossils,
ancient stone with their secrets,
found beads, and unexpected materials.
There is pleasure in working
with earth's gifts, full of life and beauty.
In combining them
I find a nurturing sense of wonder."
                                      1923 - 2006
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Cli"Millennia's Flow"   2004  Fine Silver, Agate, Sterling Silver
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"Anasazi Mesa II"   2006
Fine Silver, Beads, Shard, Sterling Silver
Collection of Carol Osteen
"Litterglyph Aparition" Found objects:  Bottle cap, coin, shell casing, beads, aluminum can, copper, sterling silver.

collection of the artist
"House of the Trembling Earth" Adventuring with Materials, 2004 Agate, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Wooden beads. 
Collection of Lynne Firsel
"Rhodocrosite in Bloom" Humble twigs blossom in stalagtite circles, 2005
Rhodocrosite, Antique bead, fine silver